Mkondo wa Simba Magnifique Marilynn Monroe
(Inter & Multi.Ch. Écaille Anunnaki x Inter & MultiCh. Mkondo wa Simba Juno)

Day of birth:10.05.2013                                   

LOSH 1128299
Health:dilute no carrier (PCR parents)

Since 01.07.2014 our Maylin lives in the south of Germany near Basel.
Now she lives together with two male Border Collies (12 years and 7 years) and she is already the leader ;-) Unfortunately we can´t breed with her and so we gave her to this perfect family with a heavy heart. There she can live out her great will to work: mantrailing, obedience and agility, we will see what she is suited for. My trace she worked out very good, she is a natural :-) For Ulrike she was her bitch from the beginning and she was sad that Maylin didn´t live with her. After careful deliberation I went to her with Maylin and finally they are happy together.
So long litte sweetheart.

Pics of her new home at her gallery