Suna :-)
more on her site


We have collected pictures of our babies again:

Check out the last litter:-)

And: Querida was with the photographer. Here is an "Appetizer":

(unfortunately we have to wait a little longer until we can publish more pictures)


All our babies are in their new families and have already settled in well.

Herewith we would like to thank all our "puppy owners" for their trust in us and our breeding,

a trust that has been and is repeatedly given to us:

Yes, there are already two MwS´s or a MwS successor in some families. And for the following two planned MwS litters we already have reservations from "good old friends".

We are very happy about that. We are also proud of it,

it shows us that we make many things correct.

There are last pictures at "from week 9" and at the individual puppies from the farewell and from the new home, have fun looking, especially at "SIRIUS".


Exhausting, melancholic, but also happy days lie behind us.

Days of saying goodbye to our babies <3

Today, on Zara´s 12th birthday our 8th baby moved to his new home with Mrs. Lila.

Up to now we had only positive feedback,

but how can it be otherwise, with THESE parents ;-)

All the best dear Zara for your 12th birthday from all of us behind the rainbow <3

You would certainly have been the best great-grandmother you could have wished for <3

Finally there are also some pictures on the individual pages of the babies, which I have recently set up and some last pictures of the whole rattle gang at "from week 9",

have fun watching.


How time flies! The day after tomorrow, the first babies will go to their new loving home <3
A few pictures from the last days of the whole litter we published under the 8th week.
And here the proud breeder:


On Sunday, after a long "baby-show-break" I was on a show with Querida in Rennes

in beautiful Brittany. Meanwhile, "our-all-master" has held the position with the babies

and had everything and everyone under control, thank you !!! <3

Querida started for the first time in the open class and it could not have gone better: BOB !!!

We did not visit the ring of honor anymore as we had a long journey home ahead of us.

And the babies were missed too <3

There are new pictures of the babies, a bit late, but there are many :-)

By the way, that's how the Bretons have a BBQ:  ;-)

Today our Querida and with her the whole "quinta essentia"litter becomes two years :-)
Happy Birthday and many more wonderful, healthy years <3

We have wonderful news:
Omnia is pregnant :-)
Omnia day 28, from inside and outside ;-)

New photos at "Jaha", sister of Juno and at "Gallery since 2017".
Have fun!

MwS´s in the snow: Jason (8 1/2), Maylin (5 1/2), Noni (4 1/2), Ringo (3)


The last days I was with Omnia at Ilze and Garet. The first date was to get to know each other, Omnia kept Garet at a distance. But on day two they agreed immediately :-)

While Ilze and I talked quite relaxed, IT had already happened. Of course, on their favourite spot, which they had chosen the day before: in the bushes, protected from our curious, expectant looks. Garet is an exceptionally affectionate and reserved gentleman

who courted and respected Omnia and ... was rewarded :-)

Thank you dear Ilze for your trust in Omnia and my breeding <3

The ultrasound will be on 22.02.

Until then, we'll do everything to make sure she's fine and of course, after that :-)

Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes as well as until now.

Pictures of the two are available HERE.

Querida is HD-, ED-, OCD/SD free :-)

Our J-litter is already 8 1/2 years <3
We got pictures from some of them ("Litter June 2010").
Here are two nice examples of how similar parents and children are:
Head shape of dad, eyes and ears of mom :-)
Jezuka, Jack, dad Rebel, mom Zara:

May all your wishes come true <3

The last two days were quite successful :-)
Saturday an Ex1, today Ex1, 2nd Best Bitch and "Vice-Belgian Winner 2018" in Brussels.
We also met Garet the father of our next litter again.
He became Best Male and "Belgian Winner 2018".
This was Querida's last show in the intermediate class. We are now making a longer
show- (hopefully a puppy-) break. The balance of the intermediate class:
12 shows with 10 x V1, 1 x SG1, 1 x SG2; 4 x 2. BOS and 1 x 3. BOG :-)

Our "begging mails" were successful :-)
We got some new pics of the "birthday children".
More pics at their individual sites.

And today we congratulate the next birthday children :-) Happy Birthday M-Litter 2013!
You too: have a wonderful day and many more in health and love <3


Today our giant baby Omnia turns three and with her the whole "omnia vincit amor" litter.

We wish all of you a wonderful day, followed by many more in health and love.

Here two beautiful videos of today:

Querida was very successful in Kortrijk / BE :-)
Ex1, RCAC, RCACIB (counts as full CACIB) and "Vice Benelux Winner".
The judge was Mr. Jarman from South Africa :-)

There are new pics at "Gallery since 2017".
Here are current pics of Djabu, Oxmo, Jules, Kinga and Koda :-)

Yesterday me and Querida were in La Louviere / BE
and she won the intermediate class with Ex1.
Best of all, we met Garet, Omnia's future male. Also on shows he is very calm and balanced, and even if he did not win the champion class, he is my favorite.
You can see the videos HERE.

Querida and I had a successful weekend in Maastricht / NL:
Saturday Ex1 and Sunday Ex1, RCAC, CACIB, 2nd BOS :-)


Exactly 20 years ago, my "show career" started:-)

With "Heshima ya Kimba Badiri", my first RR, I was in Stuttgart. She was 6 months old that day and I was able to show her for the first time in the puppy class. That day I would never have thought it would "explode" like that: I've been on 267 shows and sometimes I showed two or three dogs on one show. Although Badiri was not very successful: she was a "fe-MALE", I had "licked blood". With her daughter "Mkondo wa Simba Azima" from my kennel I had a real show champion. She became Junior Champion, International-, German VDH- and Club-, Belgian-, Hungarian Champion and multiple Veteran Champion with many titles, among other things she became "best RR female bred in Germany" for 2 years in a row and I was able to bring the "Johokwe Challenge Cup" forever home. Unfortunately she never became a mother, so I did not have any offspring from her/my breeding. So I was looking for a young RR bitch, also in www. At that time there were not as many sites as today, but after a long search I found HER. It was love at first sight, I had to own her and got her. I still remember it as if it were yesterday: her arrival in Germany and our first meeting, it was magical. From then on, "Aresvuma Zahara Zinara", born in Moscow, lived with Azima and me. And I was not mistaken, she was a true multi champion with many titles. But what was even better: she became a mother, had 3 beautiful litters. From her first litter I kept "Mkondo wa Simba Juno" and she did not disappoint me either: Inter- and Multi Champion with various titles, multiple mother. Three of her daughters live here with her. "Mkondo wa Simba Next Generation Nakupenda Noni" is the oldest, she was successful at shows too, became Junior Champion and Croatian Champion: 4 times, 4 times CAC. Unfortunately, I will not have any offspring from her. After her champion title I stopped showing her. The second eldest is "Mkondo wa Simba omnia vincit amor Omnia", with her I have made only a few exhibitions, she breaks the size of Badiri.

Now we hope for beautiful puppies from her. The youngest family member

"Mkondo wa Simba quinta essentia Querida" is at least as successful as grandma and mom. She is already a Junior champion and has the chance of becoming a multi champion.

She is most likely my last RR that I am showing. If I'll stop someday it´s with a laughing

and a crying eye. A laughing eye, because of course it is fun, if you are successful.

A crying because judging is not always fair, unfortunately.

Here all I showed till now: