May 2020

Our kennel "Mkondo wa Simba" now exists for over 20 years.

This year in May we expect our eleventh litter. It is the second litter of

"Mkondo wa Simba omnia vincit amor Omnia" aka Omnia

and most likely our last litter before we say goodbye into a well-deserved retirement.

With this litter we go “back to the MwS (Mkondo wa Simba) roots”

with the as always carefully selected stud dog:

“Inter- & MCh. Gunthwaite Jack Swagger” aka Jack.
His father is also the father of "MCh. Aresvuma Zahara Zinara" aka Zara,

foundation bitch of our kennel:
“Inter- & MultiCh. Tarujen Penzi ” aka Zorro, he is a legend, has passed on his extraordinary genes to many of his descendants, as you can also see in our kennel.

In 2020, all litters in Belgium start with a "T"

and we have found the suitable name for this litter:

"Tunza Tunu"

It is Swahili and means "keep a treasure". This treasure is on the one hand the special genome of this litter and on the other hand the puppies,

because every puppy is a very special treasure.

Omina inherits i.a. excellent bone strength, Jack i.a. an excellent exterior.

Both have a typical social RR character: Jack lives together without problems with

the young male  "Hesperus Tony Pro Amicitia" and the stud dog

“Inter- & MCh. Ecaille Anunnaki ”, the father of Juno's first litter.

Omnia is indispensable, both as an older sister for Juno's last litter,

as an aunt for Querdida's first litter and of course as an ideal mother.

More about Omnia you will find on our site, more about Jack here:

We will gladly answer any further questions you may have about Joy and Querida personally.

In our breeding we attach great importance to good health and a social character also in dealing with other dogs. Of course, the parents have to fit well with each other in their appearance. In addition, we try to breed with rare pedigrees,

which do not serve the simple "reproduction".

We barf our dogs and the puppies (raw meat feeding)

(There are no puppies available anymore.)