Fifth week

Week five started well for our master of the house: he got his personal visit.

Since he is M Uno, the choice was not difficult and he is the only one who has his new family. Otherwise time went by in flight; we ate, slept, played ......... grew. Then suddenly there was such a strange new thing. We immediately examined it and found it convenient.

We have heard that we will soon move to a bigger home,

where there are more of them, great! But before we move we get a last time new collars.

See you soon in our larger home and in the garden, your “Soulmate litter”.

some beautiful ridges / ridgis <3

In the meantime we have moved and not too much was promised: big!
We had lots of visitors again and fortunately there is enough space for all.
We were also briefly in the garden and were glad
that everyone was there and took care of us.
Look forward to more adventures in week six.

Here to practice: our new, definitive collars, finally! Breeder mom is a little crazy.